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Our mission is to empower our youth with the tools necessary to respond to life’s various obstacles with the help of our network of coaches and players.

Black Squares Network

Black Squares mission is to empower our youth with the tools necessary to respond to life’s various obstacles with the help of our network of coaches and players. Benefits from the game can only truly be unlocked through pressurized situations, which is why we offer a competitive chess environment for those who are facing these daily challenges. Additionally, our program encourages original and creative thought processes through the game, and skills acquired will guide participants to using skills learned on the board, off the board.

Professional Team

We make you professional by adding your sincerity as well as professionalism.

Professional Trainings

We always travel with the best equipment, respecting people and the environment.

Our Professional Chess Trainings

Learn from the chess expert.


Grab some insightful chess material from an international master of chess by joining our program


Improve your game with the help of experienced coaches


Trainers will provide competitive environment through material, matches, and tournaments

What You Will Be Learning

from Black Squares Network

Mental Stamina & Focus

Participants will learn how to intentionally manage their mental stamina and focus. Consistent, deliberate practice of a challenging task will allow them to cultivate the skills and mindsets needed to perform at peak performance and exercise positive decision-making under pressure.

Problem Solving Skills

Participants will cultivate their problem solving skills and be guided through developing their patience, analytical skills, and how to evaluate the evolving state of their games and incorporate their observations into their decision-making.

Build Emotional Intelligence

Through repeated practice opportunities and rated tournament play with peers, participants will build their emotional intelligence and capacity to deal with stress and a competitive environment.

Plan to Actualize a Goal Pathway

Visualize possible futures on and off the board and learn how to take steps to plan to actualize a goal or pathway.

Our Services

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Coaching Service

Students will benefit from a competitive and well developed program designed by our coaches.

Training Service

Schools, Non-Profit Programs, Private Group Training, and Private Individual Training

Consulting Service

We offer consulting services for the following

Virtual classes

Virtual Classes, Virtual and In-Person Events, and Online Tournaments. We also provide free virtual classes two days a week.

Learning Chess With Us is Simple

Looking for ways to improve your chess? Watch this trailer.

Chess Instructor

Teaching Experience


Black Squares | 2020- Currently Developed an inner-city competitive chess program.

2015 - 2018

Impact Coaching Network | 2015-2018 Provided student-centered chess training and instruction.

2011 - 2014

Chess NYC | 2011-2014 Provided student-centered chess training and instruction.


Capricorn School | 2012 Provided chess coaching and lessons through “Moves for Life” initiative in South Africa

Justus Williams

International Master

International Master from the Bronx, New York. With the purpose of equipping as many young people with the tools needed to fight upwards.

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